Online Introduction to Hot Stone Massage Course
9 students

Price £85.00 including Free digital certificate.

Our Online Introduction to Hot Stone Massage Course will teach you the effective and healing massage that is used by many as a treatment for a variety of ailments, both mental and physical. Not only will you learn how to competently perform the treatment adhering to your client’s specific needs, you will also learn its history in relieving muscle-tension and the purpose and benefits of using hot stones within massage therapy. You will also learn the theoretical knowledge and safety procedures involved in practising these treatments to an industry-standard.

Study from the comfort and convenience of home, with a course tutor on-hand to help by email. Ideal for those who wish to learn treatments for personal interest or to provide pampering to friends, family and clients.

What this Online (Home-study) course covers

  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • History of hot stone massage
  • Physical effects & benefits of the treatment
  • Techniques & Procedure for performing hot stone massage treatments
  • Aftercare advice

Course benefits

Hot stone therapy uses heated-stone placement to relax and heat the body, allowing the therapist to work deeper into the muscles to relieve tension. Using a range of hot volcanic basalt stones, you will learn how to provide a deeply relaxing treatment which works on a mental, physical and spiritual level for your clients. The combination of heat and deep pressure results in relief of muscular tension, with minimal effort from the therapist, and this consequently can diffuse aches and pains. You will learn the important health, safety and consultation considerations to ensure you are able to deliver industry standard treatments that meet the specific therapeutic needs of a wide range of individuals.


What qualification will you receive?

This course is not accredited. When you have successfully completed your training course(s), you will receive a digital certificate. The certificate is issued by Vspa Spa & beauty academy recognising your achievement on the Online course. These are great to support applications for further training courses, entering employment or going self employed. You will be able to gain insurance from BGI from following this link

Online Introduction to Hot Stone Massage Course